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Western New England

Western MA, Connecticut

Licensed Pipefitter Journeyman

Hartford, CT - and surrounding areas

Mechanical Engineer

Energy/HVAC/Thermal-Fluids Focus - Chicopee, MA

Eastern New England

Central/Eastern MA, Rhode Island

Licensed Pipefitter Journeyman

Taunton, MA - and surrounding areas

Licensed Pipefitter

Hudson, MA - and surrounding areas

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#348 One of the biggest problems welders have passing bend test and Visual is too much penetration or lack of fusion at the start and stopping points. If you pull out without falling back to the center of the tack you leave a key hole that you gotta deal with every time you start back or come up to during welding . Close the keyhole ALWAYS! Fall back to the center of the tack or at the end of the rod and there will be no key hole to fix you will not have to jack the rod to close the hole … if you do this you’ll get a “WEDDING BAND” and you will not be able to tell where you stopped and the tacks will look the same as the bead!

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